The hospitable chinese

We highlighted 5 features of Chinese hospitality.

The Chinese love to dine at a large table, gathering all family members, relatives and friends.

Sitting at the table, before offering bread, they offer warm water, which prepares the stomach for a variety of dishes. Then they suggest you choose an alcoholic drink. Refusing alcohol is strange for them, because even taking pills does not deter them from drinking alcohol, the only reason they do not drink alcohol may be their religious beliefs.

They offer a large number of dishes. In this, our customs coincide somewhere, because the Armenians also love to set up luxurious tables and make guests eat various dishes.

They like to regularly ask guests a lot of questions. They wonder if the guests liked the dishes, whether they like this place, what they think about tea and other similar questions.

One of the mandatory questions is whether the guest liked China. Being an honest and caring nation, all opinions are important for them, what the guest liked the most, what caused their interest or what did not satisfy them.

The Chinese love to praise and speak generous words to their guests, trying to show their respect and love for the guest.