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TOP dishes


398 Chinese bread

AMD 500
AMD 400

222 Pork in a sweet sour sauce

AMD 5,500
AMD 4,400

123 Salad “pig ears” with black and white mushrooms

AMD 3,100
AMD 2,480

124 Salad with soybeans

AMD 3,100
AMD 2,480

761 Dragon

AMD 6,900
AMD 5,520

773 In-yan

AMD 3,400
AMD 2,720

162 Veal in sweet and sour sauce

AMD 5,700
AMD 4,560

180 "Kyan-So" flowered veal with mushrooms in sweet and spicy sauce

AMD 6,200
AMD 4,960

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The kings of chinese cuisine

For all those who are bored at home, we present the 3 most popular Chinese dishes. Peking duck. They say that tasting this dish while traveling to China is simply necessary. Peking duck is a unique symbol of China and is known throughout the world. Many celebrities call this dish their favorite. ...

Chinese culture

Do you know that the Chinese do not eat with a knife and fork? They always cook food of such a size that they can be eaten with sticks without biting....

Dinner at the round table

As you know, the Chinese are distinguished by their hospitality, and it is customary for them to arrange dinner with all family members at the same time, opening a large table and preparing various delicious dishes. A typical Chinese table is round, with smaller round glass that rotates. All dishes...