The kings of chinese cuisine

For all those who are bored at home, we present the 3 most popular Chinese dishes.

Peking duck. They say that tasting this dish while traveling to China is simply necessary. Peking duck is a unique symbol of China and is known throughout the world. Many celebrities call this dish their favorite. The preparation process is a bit complicated, but the result is definitely worth the “torment”.
Peking duck should be served with thin slices of soy and sweet sauce.

Pork with sweet and sour sauce. The combination of contrasting aromas is perhaps one of the best features of Chinese cuisine. The secret of this dish is to properly cut all the ingredients. they should not differ in shape or size. The sauce, of course, has its own secret, which gives the dish a special taste, making pork richer and juicier.

Chicken Gunbao. One of the most popular dishes is Chicken Gunbao. To prepare this dish, you will need chicken, peanuts and chili. And an interesting name is associated with the author, who lived during the Jin Dynasty and was engaged in the education of the heir to the throne.